Choose Water’s Eco-Friendly Water Bottle Disintegrates in Three Weeks

Choose Water has come up with a way to decrease our dependence on plastic water bottles that are choking our oceans. The water bottles are 100% plastic-free and are made from recycled paper.

The bottles are biodegradable and disintegrate within three weeks. But how does a paper bottle hold liquid? It’s got a special waterproof lining which coats the inside of a vacuum formed 3D paper casing.

The company can’t disclose what it is until they’ve got their patents, but they can reveal that it’s made from sustainable products and degrades into non-toxic, environmentally friendly substances.

The bottle only starts degrading when it’s immersed in water, and its materials have even been proven to be beneficial to the environment, neutralising soil acidity and providing nutrients to aquatic environments. The steel cap takes a little longer to go but disintegrates within a year.

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