Videojet Launches New Cloud-Based Packaging Line Visibility and Productivity Suite

Videojet Technologies has unveiled the VideojetConnect Packaging Line Visibility and Productivity Suite, a new SaaS (Software as a Service) production efficiency tool for use with its coders at the factory level. With minimized investment and simple set-up, the innovative VideojetConnect suite allows manufacturers to leverage equipment they already have to gain visibility into their packaging line operations to maximize productivity and pinpoint opportunities for reducing operating costs.

A new approach to productivity management, the VideojetConnect suite provides value-added functionality to connected Videojet coders. For ease of integration and use, this robust tool doesn’t require additional equipment, complicated installation, set-up procedures or ongoing maintenance.

Designed to harness the data inherent in production, the VideojetConnect suite tracks finished goods, packaging line production rates and line stops and other valuable operations data. Enabled Videojet coders can collect this day-to-day data from across multiple packaging lines, providing an easier way to gather actionable data from the larger packaging operation, far beyond just the printer.

Gathered packaging line production data is sent to the cloud and is turned into robust real-time reporting that helps users to see if immediate adjustments in production are required to meet targets, and also identify underperforming areas and opportunities for improvement. Other data is captured such as OEE and efficiency numbers (by line, production run and shift) as well as downtime Paretos. Reporting is based on user needs and preferences, allowing users to prioritize and analyze data as they see fit.

VideojetConnect suite dashboards and reports are easily accessible on most mobile and stationary Internet-enabled electronic devices. Remote service functionality also comes standard with the VideojetConnect suite and provides remote alerts with real-time notification of printer needs, printer-specific performance reporting and related remote recovery assistance.

Startup for the VideojetConnect suite is quick and self-configurable with intuitive visual prompts. With the help of onscreen checklists, in-application support and VideojetConnect phone support when needed, users simply add their baseline data including designating coders on their packaging lines, production targets and schedules, and downtime codes.

Offered as a yearly subscription, VideojetConnect is a more economical and practical solution compared to error-prone manual data collection or full-blown SCADA systems where such complexity isn’t warranted or is cost prohibitive. This Videojet innovation helps improve manufacturers’ productivity today while helping to drive profitability tomorrow. “With actionable data,” says Bob Neagle, Videojet Business Unit Manager, Productivity Solutions, “users can stop guessing about performance at any point in a shift, and get the real-time feedback needed to make mid-shift adjustments to hit production targets. The VideojetConnect Packaging Line Visibility and Productivity Suite also delivers specific, measurable and actionable insight for helping to drive continuous improvement utilizing existing equipment, in a way that hasn’t been available before.”

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