Flexfresh by Uflex Increases the Shelf-Life of Flowers

Flexfresh, the special patented film that Uflex has developed, is serving to be a boon for flower companies across the globe. Flexfresh, comprising a proprietary polymeric formula elongating the shelf life of flowers, works on the principle of Active Modified Atmospheric Packaging (AMAP) and is the first film for packing fresh produce that is bio-degradable by composting and complies with all international regulations for overall migration (EC 1935/2004), reach compliance (EC 1907/2006) and qualifies for biodegradation under DIN EN 13432 (2000-12). The packaging can be industrially composted within 180 days.

Flexfresh works in conjunction with fast respiration meter and laser perforation system supplied by Perfotec of The Netherlands.  While the respiration meter ascertains the respiration rate of the flowers, the laser system uses this information to adapt the permeability of the polymeric film with the help of perforation matrix. Waterless internet flower packaging is becoming increasingly popular among global flower companies for the myriad benefits that it brings to the table.

Explaining the benefits and sustainability aspects of the award-winning waterless internet flower packaging, Mr. Siva Shankaran, vice president, Flexfresh at Uflex, said: “The special proprietary polymeric substrate is the first biodegradable (by composting) film that maintains the hydration of flowers during transpiration (evaporation causing loss of moisture during respiration) thus creating a closed loop system.

“Flowers are put to slow respiration mode by reducing the oxygen availability preventing excess oxidation and dehydration. The film keeps the flowers breathing in hydrated oxygen and releases excess humidity keeping them touch dry. The flowers thus can go without water for a significant number of days as the humidity is fed back into them as they continue to breathe in the modified atmosphere.

“This solution enables to hold flowers intact at the destination anywhere between 10-15 days as per the supply chain requirements against the normal shelf-life of 4-5 days offered by conventional packaging. This, in turn, enables florists and retailers to plan and store large inventory for festive rush. This development is a major shot in the arm for e-commerce companies and retailers bringing enormous savings.”

“We are visualising an in-store display without water and web shops that can offer preformed flower bouquets by post parcel without having to worry about poor quality on arrival. This packaging solution completely alleviates the use of millions of gallons of water from the flower supply chain currently used thereby making it one of the most sustainable packaging solutions.”

Recently the e-commerce wing of a renowned flower group in the Netherlands conducted a successful trial for waterless internet flower packaging. Check out the video below:

Shankaran concluded: “Besides, flowers, Flexfresh as a packaging solution is getting increasingly popular globally for extending the shelf-life of various fruits and vegetables. This packaging is much sought after by the exporters from across the world for exporting their fresh produce to economic sea freight instead of exorbitant air dispatch. A plethora of sustainability benefits that come along with Flexfresh further makes the proposition eco-friendly and popular in the day and age we live.”

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